What keyboards did Dr Fink use?

Dr Fink has given a number of interviews detailing his keyboard set up.

In the early days, Dr Fink's set up included a Fender Rhodes, Farfisa VIP 345 and Leslie Speaker, Freeman string synthesizer and Moog Minimoog.

For the first Prince tour, Fink's set up consisted of an Oberheim 4 VoiceFender RhodesArp String EnsembleMoog MinimoogHohner Clavinet and an Arp Pro Soloist.

For the Dirty Mind tour this set up was stripped back to Oberheim OB-XArp Omni-2Fender Rhodes and Arp Pro Soloist. Dr Fink later switched the OB-X for an OB-Xa the Rhodes for a Yamaha CP-80.

For the Purple Rain tour, Fink's set up consisted of an Oberheim OB-XaYamaha DX7Yamaha CP-70 and a Moog Memorymoog.

For the Parade tour, Dr Fink the CP-70 with a Kurzweil K250 and also used a Yamaha KX88, probably controlling a Roland MKS-20

For Sign O The Times and Lovesexy, Dr Fink dropped his analog synthesizers and replaced them with a Sequential Prophet VS for analog sounds. He also used a Fairlight CMI, which was later replaced with an Emu E-max containing Fairlight samples. For the Lovesexy tour, he used a Roland D-50 and a D-550 module. He also played Boni Boyer's Hammond B3.



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