What guitars did Prince use?

Prince's most famous guitar is probably the Hohner Madcat, a Telecaster-style guitar with a natural finish. Prince acquired this guitar in 1980 and became his preferred guitar in the studio. It was also used on many of his concert tours. Prince also had a number of Sadowsky copies of the Madcat.

Prince's other most used guitar is the Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar. It was custom built for the Purple Rain tour and became one of Prince's preferred guitars in concert. Multiple copies were built and the guitars were refinished in multiple colours - white, black, peach, blue, yellow and teal.

In the 1990s, Prince had a custom guitar shaped like his symbol built by Jerry Auerswald. It was finished in gold, white and black. Later, Schecter built a purple copy of this guitar called "Habibe". Auerswald also built a guitar called the Model C that was used around the Lovesexy and Graffiti Bridge eras, a white guitar with a sustainer connecting the headstock to the body.

In the 2000s, Prince had a series of custom Fender Stratocasters built. Like the Cloud and Symbol guitars, they had single coil and humbucker EMG pickups and Floyd-Rose tremolo systems. They were finished in blue, orange and purple.

From the mid-1980s onward, Prince played a series of semi-hollow guitars. These included an Epiphone Emperor Thinline and an Ibanez GB-12 "George Benson".

Prince also played acoustic guitars - these included a Sigma SE-19 for Sign O The Times and Lovesexy, Gibson Chet Atkins SST for Diamonds and Pearls and Lovesymbol/Act I&II and later, a Taylor 612CE.

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