Sadowsky Telecaster

Electric Guitar

The Sadowsky Telecaster is an electric guitar used by Prince and Wendy Melvoin. Roger Sadowsky built several copies of the Hohner Madcat for Prince. Two of the guitars are similar to the Hohner Madcat, but feature a different headstock with the Sadowsky logo. Two further copies have custom pink and purple finishes with flower designs. There are reports of Sadowsky building other Madcat copies that are exact replicas of the original. One of the copies also squirted a liquid over the audience for the song Baby, I'm A Star on the Purple Rain tour. Sadowsky has discussed these guitars in the September/October 2016 issue of Guitar Aficionado. Wendy also used these Sadowskys on the Parade tour.

Prince played the purple Sadowsky in the America video. He later gave it to Sheila E. The pink Sadowsky is in the collection at Paisley Park. The whereabouts of the other Sadowskys are unknown.

Used By

  • Prince, Wendy Melvoin
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