Boss OC-2 Octave

Effects Pedal

An octave pedal used by Prince from 1982 to 2016. It appears on every version of his pedalboard and can be heard on many of his studio recordings. It can be heard on the guitar part to Darling Nikki and the drum parts of Hot Thing and Forever In My Life. The effect on the bass solo of Crystal Ball comes from a glitching OC-2.

It was also used by Sonny T. 

Prince used the Linn LM-1, not the Linn Drum, which was the better model that came out afterwards. [The LM-1] was crystal controlled—that’s what coordinated the beats and the timing of it, so it was heat sensitive, and you’d have to plug the thing in and have it warm up. You couldn’t let it get too hot or your step would start to drift. It was really old school, because it was expensive at the time. It was thousands of dollars to buy one. But Prince liked it because on the back of it there were individual outputs for every individual sound, and there was a tuning knob for each individual sound. You could individually tune every drum that you wanted. He liked to take a percussion mix that would come out of the output of those little faders and run it through his Roland and Boss effects pedals. So, let’s say for example, the hi-hat, cymbals, cabasa, and claps might all be running through a Boss pedal where we could add distortion. We had that heavy metal pedal, the brown one. He had the orange distortion pedal, and the delay, the blue one.