What guitars did Wendy Melvoin use?

Wendy Melvoin used Rickenbacker 330s for the Purple Rain album, film and tour. Her 330s were modified with G&L pickups, a hardtail bridge and closed off F-holes. Originally natural, the guitars were refinished in purple. The 330s were stolen after the Purple Rain tour. Wendy also used the Sadowsky Madcat copies.

For the Parade tour, Wendy switched to a white Gibson ES-335 and a similar Ibanez AS200. She also played a Roland G-707 guitar synth.

Her amplifiers on the Purple Rain album and tour were Mesa/Boogie Mark IIs with Bag End D-12M cabinets. On the Parade tour she either switched to Peavey Butchers or went directly into the sound board.

Her pedals on the Purple Rain album include a Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer, TC Electronic distortion (probably a TC Electronic Booster+), MXR boost (probably an MXR Micro Amp), Dunlop Cry Baby WahUnknown Chorus Pedal and  an Unknown Volume Pedal.

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