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The only song that ever had any sequencing during the twelve years I performed with Prince was "I would Die For You." I used to lock the sequencer on my MemoryMoog synth to do the bass part with Bobby Z.'s Linn LM-1 Drum machine which had been modified to receive MIDI.
When the Memorymoog Plus was released with MIDI capability, a sequencer, and the capability to hold 100 patches in its memory bank, I knew I had to have one in our touring rig. I have so many fond memories of using this Memorymoog on tour, and of the tours themselves. I’ve loved Moog synthesizers since I bought my first Minimoog at the ages of 18 in 1976. It’s gratifying to see this Memorymoog get new life through this raffle benefiting the excellent projects of the Bob Moog Foundation.
Dr Fink;

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