Prince's Instrument List

A sortable list of all the equipment used by Prince, filtered by equipment type and manufacturer.

Equipment Name Type Manufacturer
Akai MPC-60II Electronic Percussion Akai
Akai S1000 Rack Synthesizer Akai
Akai S3000 Rack Synthesizer Akai
Alembic Spoiler Bass Guitar Alembic
Alesis Ion Keyboard Alesis
Alesis Quadraverb Rack Effect Alesis
Arp Omni Keyboard Arp
Arp Pro Soloist Keyboard Arp
Arp String Ensemble Keyboard Arp
Auerswald Cleo Bass Guitar Auerswald
Auerswald Model C Electric Guitar Auerswald
Auerswald Symbol Guitar Electric Guitar Auerswald
Bag End D12-M Cabinet Bag End
Behringer Denoiser Rack Effect Behringer
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Effects Pedal Boss
Boss BF-2 Flanger Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DM-2 Delay Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DS-1 Distortion Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Effects Pedal Boss
Boss DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay Effects Pedal Boss
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Effects Pedal Boss
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal Boss
Boss OC-2 Octave Effects Pedal Boss
Boss Pedals Effects Pedal
Boss PSM-5 Power Supply & Master Switch Effects Pedal Boss
Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb / Delay Effects Pedal Boss
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Effects Pedal Boss
Boss TU-3 Tuner Effects Pedal Boss
Boss VB-2 Vibrato Effects Pedal Boss
Carvin Power Amp Amplifier Carvin
Clavia Nord Lead Keyboard Clavia
Clavia Nord Lead 2 Keyboard Clavia
Colorsound Wah Effects Pedal Colorsound
Conn ST-11 Rack Effect Conn
Countryman DI Effects Pedal Countryman
Custom Electric Sitar Electric Guitar Coral
Daisy Rock Debutante Heartbreaker Electric Guitar Daisy Rock
Danelectro Fab Tone Effects Pedal Danelectro
Dave Rusan Cloud Guitar Electric Guitar Dave Rusan
Digital Music Corp MXC-8 MIDI Switcher Rack Effect Digital Music Corp
Digitech Whammy Effects Pedal Digitech
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Effects Pedal Dunlop
Dunlop Rotovibe Effects Pedal Dunlop
Dynacord ADD One Electronic Percussion Dynacord
Dytronic Chorus CS 5 Rack Effect Dytronic
E-mu Emax Rack Synthesizer E-mu
E-mu Emulator II Keyboard E-mu
E-mu Vintage Keys Rack Synthesizer E-mu
Ensoniq ASR-10 Keyboard Ensoniq
Ensoniq EPS Keyboard Ensoniq
Ensoniq ESQ-1 Keyboard Ensoniq
Ensoniq Mirage Keyboard Ensoniq
Epiphone Emperor Thinline Electric Guitar Epiphone
Epiphone Sheraton Electric Guitar Epiphone
Ernie Ball Volume Effects Pedal Ernie Ball
ESP Jazz Bass Bass Guitar ESP
ESP XJ-Crystal Bass Guitar ESP
Fairlight CMI IIx Keyboard Fairlight
Fender Bassman Amplifier Fender
Fender Gemini II Acoustic Guitar Fender
Fender Jazz Bass Guitar Fender
Fender Precision Bass Guitar Fender
Fender Rhodes Keyboard Fender
Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Fender
Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Fender
Fender Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar Fender
Fender Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar Fender
Fernandes LSA-65 Electric Guitar Fernandes
Furman AR-117 Rack Effect Furman
Furman PL-8 Rack Effect Furman
Furman PL-Plus Rack Effect Furman
Gibson Byrdland Electric Guitar Gibson
Gibson Chet Atkins CE Acoustic Guitar Gibson
Gibson Chet Atkins SST Acoustic Guitar Gibson
Gibson Custom Acoustic Acoustic Guitar Gibson
Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar Gibson
Gibson L-30 Acoustic Guitar Gibson
Gibson L6S Electric Guitar Gibson
Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar Gibson
Godin Acousticaster Acoustic Guitar Godin
Gretsch G5120 Electromatic Electric Guitar Gretsch
Guild SB-604 Pilot Bass Guitar Guild
Hammond B3 Organ Keyboard Hammond
Heritage Byrdland Electric Guitar Heritage
Hofner 500/1 Bass Guitar Hohner
Hohner Clavinet Keyboard Hohner
Hohner Madcat Electric Guitar Hohner
Hohner The Prinz Electric Guitar Hohner
Hondo Coyote Electric Guitar Hondo
Hondo II Telecaster Electric Guitar Hondo
Ibanez Ergodyne EA900 Bass Guitar Ibanez
Ibanez GB12 "George Benson" Electric Guitar Ibanez
Ibanez Iceman Electric Guitar Ibanez
Ibanez RG550 Electric Guitar Ibanez
Ibanez Soundgear SR500 Bass Guitar Ibanez
Ibanez UV71P Electric Guitar Ibanez
JBL UREI 5549A Third Octave Rack Effect JBL
Korg DTR-1 Rack Effect Korg
Korg M1 Keyboard Korg
Korg M1R Rack Synthesizer Korg
Korg T3 Keyboard Korg
Korg TR Rack Synthesizer Korg
Korg Triton Keyboard Korg
Kurzweil K250 Keyboard Kurzweil
Lakland 44-94 Bass Guitar Lakland
Line 6 MM4 Modulation Modeler Effects Pedal Line 6
Linn LinnDrum Electronic Percussion Linn
Linn LM-1 Electronic Percussion Linn
Marshall 1960 Cabinet Marshall
Mesa/Boogie Channel Switcher Effects Pedal Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Heartbreaker Amplifier Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Amplifier Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Mark II Amplifier Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Mark III Amplifier Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 2x12 Cabinet Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Cabinet Mesa/Boogie
Mesa/Boogie Strategy 500 Amplifier Mesa/Boogie
Moog Minimoog Keyboard Moog
Moog Minimoog Voyager Keyboard Moog
Moog Polymoog 203a Keyboard Moog
Moon JJ-4 300B Bass Guitar Moon
Music Man Amp Amplifier Music Man
Mutron Bi-phase Effects Pedal Mutron
MXR Micro Amp Effects Pedal MXR
Nady 1200 Wireless system Rack Effect Nady
Oberheim 4 Voice Keyboard Oberheim
Oberheim DMX Electronic Percussion Oberheim
Oberheim OB-8 Keyboard Oberheim
Oberheim OB-SX Keyboard Oberheim
Oberheim OB-X Keyboard Oberheim
Oberheim OB-Xa Keyboard Oberheim
Orange AD30 Amplifier Orange
Orange PPC412 Cabinet Orange
Orr Bass Bass Guitar Orr
Orr Guitar Electric Guitar Orr
Ovation Breadwinner Electric Guitar Ovation
Pearl SY-1 Syncussion Electronic Percussion Pearl
Peavey 5150 4x12 Cabinet Peavey
Peavey Axcelerator Bass Guitar Peavey
Peavey Butcher 4x12 Cabinet Cabinet Peavey
Peavey Delta Blues Amplifier Peavey
Pollard Syndrum Electronic Percussion Pollard
Publison IM90 Infernal Machine Rack Effect Publison
Purpleaxxe Keyboard Custom
Rane ME-30 Graphic EQ Rack Effect Rane
Rickenbacker 360/12 Electric Guitar Rickenbacker
Rocktron Hush Guitar Silencer Rack Effect Rocktron
Roland A-90 Keyboard Roland
Roland CR-78 Electronic Percussion Roland
Roland D-50 Keyboard Roland
Roland EV-5 Effects Pedal Roland
Roland FC-100 Effects Pedal Roland
Roland G-707 Electric Guitar Roland
Roland GP-16 Rack Effect Roland
Roland GR-700 Keyboard Roland
Roland JD-800 Keyboard Roland
Roland JV-2080 Rack Synthesizer Roland
Roland JV-80 Keyboard Roland
Roland MKS-20 Rack Synthesizer Roland
Roland PAD-80 Octapad II Electronic Percussion Roland
Roland R-8 Electronic Percussion Roland
Roland TR-606 Drumatix Electronic Percussion Roland
Roland TR-808 Electronic Percussion Roland
Roland VK-7 Keyboard Roland
Sadowsky Madcat Copy Electric Guitar Sadowsky
Samson UR-5D Rack Effect Sony
Sandberg California VM4 Bass Guitar Sandberg
Sardonyx Bass Bass Guitar Sardonyx
Schecter Habibe Electric Guitar Schecter
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard Sequential Circuits
Sigma SE-19 Acoustic Guitar Sigma
Silvertone Stratocaster Electric Guitar Silvertone
Simmons SDS-V Electronic Percussion Simmons
Simmons SDS-V Module Electronic Percussion Simmons
Snyder Thru Box Rack Effect Snyder
Soldano Avenger 100 Amplifier Soldano
Soldano Caswell X99 Amplifier Soldano
Soldano SLO-100 Amplifier Soldano
Sony wireless system Rack Effect Sony
Steinberger GM-4 Electric Guitar Steinberger
Steinberger XL-2 Bass Guitar Steinberger
Steinway 7B Keyboard Steinway
Taylor 214E Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Taylor 612 CE Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Taylor Custom 12 String Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Taylor T5 Custom Thinline Acoustic Guitar Taylor
Tech 21 Trademark 60 Amplifier Tech 21
Unknown Acoustic Guitar Acoustic Guitar Unknown
Unknown Purple Telecaster Electric Guitar Unknown
Uptown Flash Rack Effect Uptown
Uptown Great Divide Rack Effect Uptown
Vox HDC-77 Electric Guitar Vox
Vox V846 Wah Effects Pedal Vox
Warwick Alien Bass Guitar Warwick
Warwick Thumb Bass Guitar Warwick
Washburn EA-44N Acoustic Guitar Washburn
Wurlitzer 200 Keyboard Wurlitzer
Yamaha CP-70 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha CP-80 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha Drumkit Drums and Percussion Yamaha
Yamaha DX7 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha KX88 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha Motif 6 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha Motif ES6 Keyboard Yamaha
Yamaha SPX-90 Rack Effect Yamaha
Zildjian 14″ Hi-Hats Drums and Percussion Zildjian
Zildjian 16″ Crash Drums and Percussion Zildjian
Zildjian 18″ Crash Drums and Percussion Zildjian
Zildjian 20″ Ride Drums and Percussion Zildjian
Zoom 9030 Rack Effect Zoom